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Sammi Katz and Olivia McGiff

Author / Illustrator

Sammi Katz is a writer and bartender from New York City. She loves sharing her enthusiasm for all things cocktails and is always up for a lively debate about the appropriate garnish for a Last Word. Her work has appeared in the New York Times and the Daily Beast, and she is the creator of the blog A Girl’s Guide to Drinking Alone.

Olivia McGiff is an artist living in Brooklyn. She designs book covers by day and illustrates drinks, dogs and loved ones by night. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, the Daily Beast and Corriere della Sera’s COOK. Olivia has directed a cat circus, painted in the Greek mountains, and was once a clown in a play about Billie Jean King.,, @oliviamcgiff

TCGP S2 E14 - The Cocktail Artists with Sammi Katz & Olivia McGiff

April 21, 2023

TCGP S2 E14 - The Cocktail Artists with Sammi Katz & Olivia McGiff

Join us on the next episode of The Cocktail Guru Podcast for a spirited sit-down with the co-authors of Cocktails in Color: A Spirited Guide to the Art and Joy of Drink making— New York City bartender Sammi Katz, creator of A Girl's Guide to Drinking Alone, and Brooklyn artist Olivia McGiff, book designer by day...cocktail illustrator by night!