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Einat Admony

Chef and Owner of Balaboosta

Einat Admony, also known as the ultimate balaboosta—"perfect housewife" in Yiddish—is both chef and owner of Balaboosta, the fine-dining Middle Eastern restaurant; Kish-Kash, New York’s first couscous bar; and the beloved falafel chain, Taim. She is also the author of two cookbooks: Balaboosta and Shuk.

Einat, named a "fiercely determined chef" by The New York Times, grew up in Tel Aviv, worked as a cook in the Israeli Army, walked away from college after two months, roamed around Germany as a gypsy, and then packed up her life to move to New York City. Now, after 20-plus years in the Big Apple, Einat persists in her work and expansion with her new ventures, including Kish-Kash. Hand-rolled couscous, deemed "fine as sand" by Eater, is served fresh there every day and is a perfect example of how Einat continues to innovate and push the food scene.

“Cooking is a way to express my love and compassion for those around me,” Einat says. “It is also a way to connect the past with the present and future. The flavors, the smells, the sounds, they flood me with memories and bring me instantly back to my childhood. And make me feel whole.”

When she is not at one of her restaurants, she can be found at home in Brooklyn, cooking for her two children, Liam and Mika, her husband and business partner, Stefan Nafziger, and a constant flow of dinner parties with family and friends.


June 09, 2022

TCGP EP 19 "The Chef from Israel" with Einat Admony

On this episode of THE COCKTAIL GURU PODCAST, James Beard-nominated chef, cookbook author, and hospitality entrepreneur Einat Admony shares her East-to-West culinary journey—from growing up in Tel Aviv and feeding the Israeli army to building a budding restaurant empire in the wilds of New York and feeding an appetite for standup comedy—with hosts Jonathan & Jeffrey Pogash. Brought to you by Minonetto Prosecco.