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Juan Coronado


Over the past 20 years, Juan Coronado has built an impeccable reputation in the beverage industry as an award-winning mixologist and entrepreneur. His mission is to create and innovate beverage programs and to make positive financial impact in hospitality outlets. As an entrepreneur, he has designed the structure for a range of companies, including Colada Shop, Bresca Restaurant, and Serenata Bar in Washington, DC; Mijenta Tequila, the first B- Corp sustainable tequila in the world; and Tres Tribus Mezcal, an artisanal mezcal from the Mixteca Region of Oaxaca.

TCGP S2 E3 The Cocktail Guru Visits Atlantic City!

November 04, 2022

TCGP S2 E3 The Cocktail Guru Visits Atlantic City!

Join us on the next episode of The Cocktail Guru Podcast as we visit Bally's Atlantic City Hotel & Casino for sitdowns with Bally's own Paul Juliano, Mast Jagermeister's Aleesha Meola, and cocktail star Juan Coronado, Co-Founder of Mijenta Tequila!