Feb. 22, 2023

The Brandmaster with Tim Master (THE COCKTAIL GURU PODCAST S2 E10)

Next up on The Cocktail Guru Podcast, we strike up the brandmaster—Tim Master, that is—following the beat of a career that, measure for measure, features more breadth of hospitality experience—and more depth of green and yellow Chartreuse—than any other bartender-turned-brand ambassador!

On this episode of THE COCKTAIL GURU PODCAST, we strike up the brandmaster—Tim Master, that is—Senior Director of Spirits at Frederick Wildman & Sons, the global wine and spirits portfolio perhaps best known for distinctive and storied cocktail standard Chartreuse French herbal liqueur. Watch and listen as hosts Jonathan & Jeffrey Pogash follow the beat of a career that, measure for measure, features more breadth of hospitality experience and more depth of spirits expertise than any other bartender-turned-brand ambassador. All brought to you by Marie Brizard Chocolate Royale Liqueur and Monin Premium Gourmet Strawberry Syrup.





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Tim MasterProfile Photo

Tim Master

Director of Chartreuse USA

Tim Master has more than 20 years’ experience in the hospitality and beverage industry. He is currently the Sr. Director of Spirits at Frederick Wildman and Sons, overseeing numerous brands with emphasis on an industry staple, Chartreuse Liqueur.
Tim’s skills and experience were honed in London, NYC, and his hometown of Philadelphia, where he worked behind the bar at some of the top restaurants in these cities. After Tim’s career in bartending, he began is new journey working with brands for Plymouth Gin and Absolut Vodka, where he remained for six years prior to coming to Wildman. In his travels throughout the U.S. and Europe, Tim was mentored by some of the industry’s top professionals and now enjoys the opportunity to enlighten and educate his industry peers.
In 2006, he was fortunate to be in the first graduating class of Beverage Alcohol Resource LLC, which allowed him to further fine tune his skills.
While drinking his way across the country, Tim shares his knowledge with local media and industry members in each city he visits.